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reblog if you’re slept on

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People literally DRAIN me 😩😫😓😒😔👎👎


Two separate eyewitness accounts, telling the exact same story.

(x) and (x)

~ What you need to know about filming police with your phone


i am like libra i hate… like.. tension or aguments.. i like debate, i get off on it actually, but, i hate… bad feelings with people… i would rather say nothing then start a conflict of feelings, i dont think ive ever had an argument or fight with someone at work or school.. oh god id rather disappear… lol, but id be able to hold my ground… hope it never happens lol

This is me everyday at work and people hate it. Lol I hate conflict and petty arguments but an innocent debate …. I’m w it 👏👏💁😘

  • me after every conversation: shit they'll never wanna talk to me again

"I overcame myself, the sufferer; I carried my own ashes to the mountains; I invented a brighter flame for myself. And behold, then this ghost fled from me."

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id rather be vain than have low esteem bc ive experienced both and trust me being vain is way better

"Other people are not medicine."

It took me 9 years to figure that out  (via sunsetkawaii)

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angelina jolie’s daughter


and gwen stefani’s son


both so cute 

Parenting done right

ugh. this is so wrong. how can you support someone letting their kid wear socks on grass. do you know how hard it is to wash those stains out?

I thought I was going to have to yell at someone for being a close minded asswipe but that was the biggest plot twist of my life. 

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